Guided Trip Rates


The cost of your guide trip INCLUDES; guide service, *transportation, lunches ( full day trips only) and non-alcoholic beverages. Your trip fee DOES NOT include; fishing license, private water rod-fees, guide gratuity, flies or other tackle you may need. Our fly shop has been outfitting fly fishers since 1938, so we can outfit you with fishing licenses, rods, reels, flies, waders or whatever else you might need for your day on the river.

Our trip base fees are as listed below, possible additional charges follow.

Base Trip Rates

Full Day- 1 Person $525.00 (float or walk/wade)

Full Day- 2 People $525.00 (float or walk/wade)

Half Day- 1 or 2 People $450.00 (float or walk/wade)


Possible Additional Charges

Montana Fishing License; Non-resident; 2 Days/ $35 (additional pairs being $25 each), 10 Days/ $66, Season $96. Resident license fees; Season $29 (ages 18-61), 2 Days/ $13. Each of these figures listed include the mandatory Conservation License fee ($10 for non-residents, $8 for residents) and are a total cost for the amount of days licensed. New Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Pass is reguired $2.00 for residents and $15.00 for nonresidents.

We rent waders & boots at $15/day and rod & reels at $20/day. A major credit card is required to be on file as a security deposit toward returning the gear.

* Trips requested to the Yellowstone River downstream of Big Timber, lower Madison River, Boulder River, Stillwater River or any other option away from the Paradise Valley/Livingston area require additional travel charge of $35.00.

Regarding tipping your guide, gratuity is customarily $50-$100 per day, gratuity is NOT considered in the trip fee.

To obtain your fishing license you may do so in our shop or in advance online at


Deposits, Final Payment & Cancellations

Deposits are required to “lock-in” a guide for your date(s). The guides we work with are independent professional full time guides, not summer-time help, they are building out their year commiting to us on your requested dates.  When you are ready to have us begin work on booking your trip we will need a credit card number available to charge the deposit for the purpose of securing the guide(s) for your trip. We make no charge to your card until locating the guide(s) who confirm they can take the trip but do need a major credit card number to secure them for the trip date(s).  If you are booking in our fly shop you may pay your deposit with cash, we cannot however accept a check for a booking deposit.

Deposit amount for a single day trip is the full amount for the desired type of trip as a deposit. Trips for multiple days require one days’ worth of the total fee in advance as a deposit. As an example we would require $475 for a deposit on a trip of 3 full days guided fishing for two anglers each day where the total cost would be $1,425.00.  

Regarding our cancellation policy, your deposit is fully refundable if communicating cancelling with 30 days or more notice time from your trip date(s).  Should you need to cancel your trip without 30 days notice from your trip, your deposit is non-refundable due to our commitment to the guides we work with. The only exception to this would occur if we are able to re-book the guide we would gladly refund your deposit or apply it to a trip at a later date for you.  However, please consider that the later you cancel the less likely it is we can get them re-booked for the date(s) they committed to your booking.

Weather related cancellations  while rare, do occur on occassion. We understand the weather may not always be as pleasant as you may hope for your trip, however, inclement weather often is the best fishing weather and we are selling guided fishing trips. We do not however expect you or our guides to endure unsafe weather. As the trip outfitter we, Dan Bailey (John Bailey outfitter #183) along with our guides will determine the safety of weather related conditions. Should your trip need to be cancelled our first goal is to accommodate you by rescheduling for another date within your itinerary. If another date is not available to you, or we are unable to secure a guide for the alternate date we certainly will refund your deposit or apply it to a future booking if you choose. Similiarly, should weather or events such as landslides, fires or other environmental conditions make the chosen fishery impractical or unavailable due to closures we will refund your deposit if we are unable to come to agreement on an alternate option to provide you with.

Final payment of balances  on multi day trips, or balances due for rental gear, private rod fees (if not already handled with the property) can be made in our shop at any time during your trip dates but we do ask for final payment prior to your last day. We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash or personal checks for payment of final balances (as noted above a credit card or cash is required for your booking deposit).


Initiate Booking Online  or if your prefer call us at 1-800-356-4052 or email us at to setup your guided fishing trip.


Dan Bailey

John Bailey, Montana outfitter #183

PO Box 1019 Livingston MT 59047 Phn 1-800-356-4052