Wader Care Info

Wader Care & Tips

1. When purchasing make sure you get a proper fit, this will prolong the life of your wader.

2. Always store the waders by hanging them in a ventilated location so the inside of the wader dries out.  If the inside of the wader is not completely dried, mildew will form.   Don’t leave wet waders inside the stuff sack or gear bag for extended periods of time.  Mildew will damage the breathable membrane and negate any warranty.

3. When a leak is noticed it is imperative that you send the wader in immediately for assessment and repair. Making the leaking wader last until the end of the season or end of the trip only runs the risk of rendering the wader unrepairable.

4. When repairing puncture leaks in the wader material the repair must be done from the inside to seal the waterproofing membrane.

5. To clean the waders, HAND wash with warm water and a mild detergent. Do not machine wash or dry. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with fresh clean water. Washing your waders periodically will help to maintain their breathability.

6. After use in saltwater, be sure to rinse with fresh, clean water before storage.

7. The waders come with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish on the outer fabric that causes the water to bead up and run off. To recondition the waders, we recommend applying Tectron DWR spray to a freshly cleaned wader.

Dan Bailey Wader Repair Service

When purchasing Dan Bailey waders you are also receiving our repair service should your wader suffer a leak, tear, broken clip or have the occassional sewing need. We take great pride in successfully repairing your waders and returning them water-tight back to you. However waders are durable goods that by the nature of their purpose are exposed to the elements of nature and demanding wear,  therefore, there are practical limits to what we can repair successfully.  

Regarding any charges for repair, we gladly perform any repairs that can be done free of any charge to you, other than your cost of shipping the waders into us, we will pay the shipping to return them to you.  Before incurring shipping charges take a moment to inspect your waders externally and internally in an effort to be familiar with their condition and better determine if you feel they warrant being sent in. If you find yourself in doubt we are always glad to receive them and will let you know our findings.

Regarding the timeline of performing repairs and returning your wader, the best answer we find to the question of "how long will it take" is, generally a minimum of 3 weeks. It is quite rare a wader only has to be touched once when repairing it. Typically as we make repairs and improve the wader we tend to find additional leaks can then expose themselves as the wader becomes more water-tight, resulting in usually at least 2-3 rounds of patching and retesting.  Beyond the issues of an individual wader, there are also high volume times of the year which slow the turn-around time for each wader. Usually these periods of high incoming volume for us are the conclusion of fall fishing and as anglers prep for spring fishing (February-May).

Please keep these timeline considerations in mind when prepping for your season or a trip as there is really little that can be done to expedite a repair once in motion.  


Regarding  repair questions, the status of your repair or  regarding sending in your waders, if we haven't covered your question here please feel free to email us at info@dan-bailey.com with "wader repair" in the subject line. Email on these topics is preferred however for those without access to email you may certainly call us at 1-800-356-4052.

When sending your waders to us please use the address below and simply provide us your basic contact info, return address, email and phone number. The shipping address for waders is:

Dan Bailey Atten Wader Repair

120 S 2nd St

Livingston MT 59047